In focus > News 03/12/2018

By working with migrants we learn and we come to know ourselves better every day

Without international organizations and their assistance, primarily financial, expert and logistical assistance, Serbia, as a state, would not have possessed sufficient capacities to adequately receive and accommodate almost one million migrants who had come to pass through our country from 2015 until today. The first groups of Syrians were received by employees of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), along with colleagues from the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.

Adhering to the principle that humane and regulated migration contributes both to migrants and to society, IOM employees, in cooperation with partners from governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental sector, have managed to find solutions for numerous issues in this field and to ensure humanitarian assistance for all those who needed it.

We invite you to watch and see what this experience has brought and how it has affected the professional development of Ivan Anđelković, Maja Bogdanović, Milica Anđelković Jovanović and Miomira Živković of OIM.